General Description.

The access channel to Bahia Blanca port is made up of a channel which has recently been deepened, it is 190 mts wide and 90 km long, which allows navigation of vessels with a maximum draft of 45´. It has a light system of 62 buoys which allows safety conditions for night navigation. Bahia Blanca port comprises the following ports, from the mouth of the estuary , inwards : Punta Ancla, Punta Cigüeña, Puerto Rosales, Puerto Belgrano Naval Base, Ingeniero White and Puerto Galvan.
Punta Ancla and Punta Cigüeña.
Between buoys 19 and 21 of the access channel, there are two buoys for the mooring of the oil carriers called Punta Ancla and Punta Cigüeña. They are connected to the shore by an underwater pipeline 2000 m long which connects them with a storage facility and an oil pipeline that carries the product to the city of La Plata.
Puerto Rosales.
This berth is placed between buoys 21 and 22 of the access channel. It is 300 m long with 30´ SSW depth. This port is used by launches transferring crew/stores to vessels at anchor.
Puerto Belgrano.
This is the principal Argentine Navy Base. It has a harbor of around 243,000 sqm and a total of 2,472 m of quay side, the draft is 30 feet SSW. The local Coast guard notify ships if practices are due to take place and pilots are familiar with the corresponding signals.

Description of berths:

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