Comodoro Rivadavia       

The SPM at Caleta Cordova and Olivia are owned and operated by a consortium of oil producers under the name of termap (Terminales Maritimas Patagonicas).

SPM Caleta Cordova - (Escalante crude)

Max DWT:/ 70.000
Depth: 89 ft.

SPM Caleta Olivia - (Canadon Seco crude)

Max DWT: 70.000
Depth: 113 ft.


Max allowed draft as per mooring system / hoses:
42 ft.
Max distance bow / manifold: 396 ft.
Max distance poop / manifold: 230 ft.
Swl of vsl's gear required: 10 Tons.
Hose connection (ASA 150): 21 in.

Prior and during the oprations the port captain evaluates mooring conditions and/or the safe permanency of the vssl according to the prevailing meteorological canditions.

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