a. ACA ELEVATOR: Capacity at present: 50.000 mt, load by a maximum of 2 pipes.
Loading Rate: 550 MT/hour/each pipe.

b. TERMINAL QUEQUEN : Capacity at present: 80.000 mt, Pier 4-5 use maximum 4 pipes to load. Loading Rate: 350 mt/hour/each pipe.
Pier 6: use maximum 3 pipes to load. Loading Rate: 400 mt/hour/pipe Both piers can load simultaneously.

B. VEGETABLE OILS :There are two factories in Necochea:

a. OLEAGINOSA MORENO HNOS S.A.: Situated about 2 km from port where it has 8 tanks with a total capacity of 28,000 mt, that are supplied by a pipeline directly from the factory.

b. CARGILL SACI : Situated about 5 km from port, has 8 tanks with a capacity of 15,000 mt that are supplied by trucks,
Loading Rate : 300/350 mt per hour each shipper, if both load at a time : about 600 mt. Loading is done by hoses.

C.- EUCALYPTUS LOGS: Loading rate: about 1000/1200 mt each turn of 6 hours.

D.- WOOD CHIPS : This cargo is loaded only from pier 1 by conveyor belt and at the moment there is only one shipper: Desarrollos Forestales SA and only one bound: Japan. Loading rate about 1800 mt/each turn 6 hours but note shipper in this case loads 24 hr. running.

E. FROZEN FISH : Loading rate: about 100 mt/ each gang/turn 6 hours.

F. FERTILIZERS : Discharged usually on pier 10 but as quantity received increases constantly now pier Nš1 is frequently used and Port Authorities are working to get authorization for another pier (Nš8-9 Necochea Margin). Discharging rate is about 400 mt/each gang/turn 6 hr, operations are made using ship's cranes and grabs from shore.

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