San Antonio Este
Location: The port is situated on the NW side of the Golfe of San Matias, adjacent to the Villarino peninsula.
San Antonio Este is approx 60 km by road from San Antonio Oeste which is on the other side of the bay. A small town is growing up around the port installations.
General Overview: The natural deep harbour allows vessels to lie in 10.05m of water in complete shelter.
The pier was built by the provisional authorities, to facilitate the export of fruit from the Rio Negro Valley, taking advantage of the government policy to grant export rebates on cargoes exported from Patagonian ports.
There are 16 fishing vessels presently operating at San Antonio Este, frequently transferring their catch directly to ocean going reefer vessels at anchor off the port but occasionally alongside, particulary when sorting of cargo is required.
Load Line Zone: Summer.
Max Size: LOA 182m.


Port Limits: The port limits are a straight line which unites co-ordinates at the end of the intersection of the coast with a parallel of Lat 4106.30'S and the meridian of Long 06424'W.
Sea buoys, fairways and channels: San Antonio Este is approached via Canal Encerrado, which is entered 0.5nm SSE of the point. This narrow and shallow channel trends NNW for 2.75nm to a position close of Punta Verde, Lat 4044'S, Long 06455'W, thence to the piers at the port. There are two approaches used to reach the wharf.
Pilot: Pilotage is compulsory, pilots can be ordered through the Agencia Maritima. The pilot boarding area is situated at Lat 4054'S and Long 06457'W.
Solas regulations and the Reglamento Argentino regulations apply with respect to the pilot ladder. The ladder is normally required to be rigged on the leeward side.
Anchorages: The following anchorages are available:
Zone "A": Limited in the N by the coast of Golfo San Matias and in the E by the meridian of Long 06443'W, in the S by the parallel Lat of 4055'S and in the W by the coastal sector of the same geographical mark. The recommended anchorage is in the position, Lat 4053.54'S and Long 06452.45'W.

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