A. TUGBOATS: tugboats are compulsory, but vessels with LOA below 80 meters may not use tugboats if captain agrees. From 80 to 100 meters of LOA they use only one tugboat and from 100 meters they must use two. Although if the vessel has an LOA between 100 meters and 140 meters, or if the vessel has transverse propeller proel type, Coastguard Authorities (according to weather conditions) may allow to sail with one tug.
Ordinary Hours: Monday/Friday : 0700/2100 hr Saturday: 0700/1700 hr.
Overtime Hours : Monday/Friday : 2100/0700 hr - Saturday : 0700/1700 hr.
Extra Cost - Overtime : 30 %.
B. PILOT: Compulsory at this port, except when vessel's LOA is less than 75 meters and her draft less than 16 feet. Note they insist on article 17 Chapter. 5 of SOLAS 74 regarding pilot's ladder.
C. LAUNCH/MOORING/UNMOORING : the same company does all these services. According to Coastguard regulations up to 180 meters of LOA vessels use only one launch for berthing, but if LOA is more they must use two.
Ordinary hours: Monday/Friday: 0700/1900 hr - Saturday : 0700/1300 hr.
Overtime Hours: Monday/Friday: 1900/0700 hr - Extra Cost: 50 % Saturday: 1300/2400 hr - Sunday/Holiday : 0000/2400 hr - Extra Cost: l00 %
D. WATCHMEN : Compulsory, they work in turns of 6 hours (00/06,06/12,12/18, 18/24 hr) and must be required before vessel's entrance, the cost is according to shift and to whether vessel is working or not.
E. CHIEF TALLY: Compulsory, they work in turns of 6 hr (07/13-13/19-19/01-01/07 hr) but only when vessels are loading/unloading, cost is variable according to working shift.
F. IASCAV : Official Surveyors who inspect holds before loading and cargo during loading operations, if vessel/owners require holds' inspection before shipper nominate gangs, the cost is on owners/charterers' account.
G. CUSTOMS : When vessel is loading/unloading overtime Customs nominate personnel on board vessel on charterers' account. Ordinary Hours: Monday/Friday: 07/19 hr-Overtime: Monday/Friday: 19/07 hr- Saturday-Sunday-Holiday: 00/24 hr
H. SANITARY AUTHORITIES : They act at vessel entrance (when vessel is coming from foreign port) and when sailing.
Ordinary Hours: Monday/Friday 07/14 hr
Overtime: Monday/Friday: 14/24 hr
Saturday-Sunday/HoIiday: 00/24 hr
I. MIGRATIONS: In charge of Coastguard Authorities

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