The installations from east to west are :
U.T.E. : ex. E.S.E.B.A. (Platestiba) : it is now being used as grain terminal. It is owned by Alfred Toepfer International and operated by Glencore Cereales S.A. It has a storage capacity of 55,000 mt for grain and by products. The loading rate is of 800 mt per hour for grains and 500 mt per hour for by-products. The length is of 200 mts with additional mooring tower 118 mts at eastern end and a viaduct 780 mts long at western end joining shore to pier. Cape size vessels can operate.
Pier 5/6 : Terminal Bahia Blanca S.A. : The total storage capacity is of 120,000 mt. The loading rate is 360 mt per hour . The length is 300 m, maximum LOA 245 mts.
Pier 7/8 : Terminal Bahia Blanca S.A. : Total storage capacity 120,000 mt., the loading rate is 280 mt per hour, the over all length of pier is 300 mts and the maximum LOA is 206 mts.
Pier 9 : Terminal Bahia Blanca S.A. Total storage capacity is 48,000 mt. and the loading rate is 1,300 mt per hour. Over all length of pier 294 mts , maximum up to cape size vessels. Draft alongside berth is 45Žat 0 level.
Cargill : the berthing is at 3 interconnected dolphins ; overall length is 270 m. Cape size vessels have loaded. The grain storage capacity is 50,000 tons. The berth is fitted with vegoil pipelines, load rate 700 tons per hour, which connected to crushing plant of 30,000 tons storage capacity for agri by-products capable of producing 150 tons of oil per hour.
General Cargo Port Section National Wharf : This is partially enclosed area where berths 17, 18 and 19 on the northern side offer a continuous quay frontage of 350 m. All berths suitable for gencargo/reefer operations and there are cold stores adjacent to berths 18, 19 and 20. The eastern side of the entrance to these berths is used by small fishing vessels. Drafts alongside range from 17 to 24 feet. It has a storage capacity of : for reefer warehouses/sheds in piers 17 and 19 : 85,000 cbm and in pier 20 : 3,550 sqm.

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