Common zone - San Martin Port.

In this case there are two possible routes to enter the Parana River, Martin Garcia Channel and Emilio Mitre Channel.
Martin Garcia Channel: For vessels exceeding loa 245m. and/or beam 32.6m. and up to max 270m. Loa and max 41m. beam. Special authorization to proceed up/down river has to be requested to Argentine and Uruguayan Coastguards who, in turn, will ask for the concessionaire's opinion. If the authorization is granted, it would be up to a max draft of 26/27 ft fw.
Vessels exceeding loa 245m. and up to 270m. and beam not exceeding 32.60m. would be authorized to proceed up to max 32'00''. In any case authorization has to be requested to Argentine and Uruguayan Coastguards.
Emilio Mitre Channel is duly marked, and with minimum depths of 8.52 meters (28 feet) at zero level.
It is used in both ways by vessels up to 230 meters of maximum length (Loa).
Night navigation is limited to 190 meters of Loa, during the first days of January it is supposed to be enlarged up to 210 meters, due to limitations that present the Parana de Las Palmas River bend.
Many vessels have sailed with drafts higher than 9.70 meters (32 feet), but they have been obliged to wait for favourable tide to pass through Emilio Mitre Channel.

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