River Plate is the entrance route that allows , through other natural or artificial shallow channels to call Buenos Aires port, La Plata port and through the Parana River and its tributaries to the principal ports producers of grains and by-products of the Argentine Republic.
It is of vital importance to know the state, depth conditions, lights, waterborne traffic, waiting times and general information about them when shipping operations are planned or scheduled.
Special attention should be paid when crossing other vessels in restricted or narrow channels. Therefore all possible efforts should be made to avoid an excessive difference between forward and after drafts.
To have true and updated information, these datum are checked weekly.

This complex and extensive water system has a main course formed by Parana and Uruguay rivers, with several minor rivers, branches and streams that flow into the River Plate. Great sized and draft vessels can navigate it and so enter the installations and ports built on their margins.
River Plate Channel communicates La Plata Roads or Common Zone with the ocean, from there the channel divides into two branches, the Access channel to Buenos Aires port, which continues with Emilio Mitre Channel and Martin Garcia Channel.
The Access channel is also divided into north and south channels, by means of which it is possible to enter Buenos Aires port and Dock Sud port. It also communicates with Emilio Mitre channel which continues with Parana de las Palmas river. On their coasts the following ports are found: Escobar, Campana, Zarate and Atucha.
Martin Garcia channel communicates with Uruguay river and the ports of Nueva Palmira, Fray Bentos and Concepcion del Uruguay, and with the rivers Parana Guazu and Parana Bravo, which are joined to the Parana de las Palmas, from that point it is called Parana River, so it is possible to get to the ports of San Pedro, Ramallo, San Nicolas, Villa Constitucion, Arroyo Seco, General Lagos, Rosario, San Lorenzo, San Martin , Diamante and Santa Fe

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