Sitio 6:
This sitio has connections with the following terminals: Tagsa, Antivari and Orvol.

Tagsa: chemical terminal.
It started its activities in 1969 in Dock Sud, in the port of Buenos Aires.
It has become the principal public chemical terminal in Argentina.
Total storage capacity : 52,000 cbm
Quantity of tanks : 101 ranging from 50 cbm to 500 cbm
They count with stainless steel tanks, mild steel and coated tanks, many of them are insulated and equipped with heating coils which allow adequate storage of chemicals, petrochemicals, acids, vegoils, etc.
They also offer a series of carbon steel tank containers.
The terminal is connected to 2 berths at a 32 feet draft by means of 8 stainless steel jetty lines of 6" diameter each.
Each tank has its own line to the loading bridge, and an individual pump.
This terminal is equipped with two electronic truck scales.
Nitrogen can be supplied to each tank.
Steam and hot water circulates in tank according to product requirements.
This terminal is equipped with an efficient fire fighting system, including foam extinguishers for each tank, hydrants, water cannons sprinklers for cooling tanks and portable equipment of high capacity.

Antivari: chemical terminal.
It has 37 tanks with a capacity of 18,900 cbm.

Orvol: vegoil terminal.
Quantity of tanks : 25.
Most of them are heated.
Capacity : 20.000 cbm
This terminal has three lines connected with:
a. Sitio 15 which pumping capacity is 800 mt per hour.
b. Tagsa with a pumping capacity of about 400/500 mt per hour.
c. Maneouvering pier which pumping capacity is of about 400/500 mt per hour.
Tagsa and Maneouvering pier piping are made of mild steel and sitio 15 pipes are made of stainless steel.

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