tagsa terminal
Terminal/berth position: Km 93 Paraná de las Palmas river , right margin.
Max.LOA allowed : 220 Mts.
Max.BEAM allowed: 32 Mts.
Max. draft: 11 Mts. (to be confirm)
Cargo usualy handled: chemicals, vegetables oils, lub oil, oil products.
No restrictions for mooring/unmooring night time.
Min.height from manifold to water(higt tide) , 4 Mts.
Max. height from manifold to water (low tide) , 6 Mts.
Min. Distance from vsl fwd/aft to berth manifold due to berth restrictions: 40 Mts.
Slop reception facilities: yes.
Berth is provided by three dolphins with 34 Mts of separations.
Loading rate: abt 150 Mts per hour/by line.
Distance between shore manifiold and shore´s tanks: 120 Mts.
There's not available shore line for fresh water provision and bunkers provision neither.

P.F.S.O: Mr Ignacio Benedetti - ingnacio.benedetti@odfjellterminals.com.ar

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