Servicios Portuarios Wharf (Unit1):
This is an adaptation of the old railway wharf to permit the loading of grain from 4 silos, total capacity 26.000 Ton, situated at the rear of the wharf.
Berthing is alongside 3 mooring dolphins of solid construction about 50m apart with head and stern mooring points, whilst the wharf itself consists of a concrete surface laid on topof the old wooden pilings ot the original wharf which is in a condition to accept only very light weights.
Depth alongside about 16ft at datum.
Loading is via tubes and portable conveyor belts set up on the quay with an average load rate of about 450 ton per hour.
Panamax size vessels have loaded.
Due to the fact that the same owners have taken Villa Constitucion Elevator Terminal on long term concession this berth is now only infrequently used, and was inactive in 1997.

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