Grain Elevator Terminal (Unit II):
This terminal has been taken in concession by Servicios Portuarios S.A. for 25 years from 1994.
The pier itself is of reinforced concrete on pilings, offering two berths, one on each side.
The pier liesin an East/West direction and is 165m long, 12,6m wide, being able to take Panamax size vessels on the outer berth and vessels of around 180m on the inner berth.
The loading gallery has 2 belts feeding 7 telescopic chutes, 4 to the outer berth and 3 to the inner berth.
Only two chutes are able to work at a time.
Total load rate is about 700 TPH or 350 TPH per ship if two vessels are working simultaneously.
Storage capacity at the elevator silos is 55.000 Ton with an additional adjacent underground storage of 170.000 Ton.
Berthing and unberthing are in daylight hours only with assistance of one tug.
Fresh water is available on the pier.
Depth alongside about 21ft at datum.
Loading activities at Elevator Berths can be affected by depth in access channel wich in August 1998 was 23 ft at datum giving an actual depth of 35 ft at the time.

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