Situated at Km 396 of the Parana River. Owned by Messrs. LOUIS DREYFUS LTDA. Loading operations commenced on May 4th, 1992. The length of the berth is about 140 meters with four concrete dolphins, the depth alongside is 38/40 feet.
Grain and by products are loaded at this berth via one conveyor belt to three chutes but only one at the time can be used. The loading belt capacity is programmed for 1000 tons per hour.
Storage Capacity:110.000 Mt. for seeds ; 50.000 Mt. for by-products ; 18.000 Mt. for vegetable oil.
The crushing rate is about 1800/2000 daily (soya beans).
The capacity at the elevator is 53.000 Mt. for grains.
There is space to receive about 300 trucks which are discharged by two unloading platforms.
They also receive cargo by railway.
Electronic equipment registers weights, supplying data about cargo incomes and outcomes.
Vegetable oil facilities are available by two lines of 10" each at a rate of about 500 tons/hour.
Fresh water available and bunkers only by trucks (after permission by elevator's authorities).
Hoses are necessary to reach the vessel due to the distance between cliff/berth (about 200 meters).
Authorities (Custom, Coast Guard, National Grain Board, etc.) belong to Rosario.
Two roads are located at km 391/393 and auxiliary between Km 397/398, total vessels capacity: six.

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