Km 442 to Km 456 of the River Parana of Santa Fe.
General Description.
San Lorenzo city is small and the financial center is in Rosario city although local banks attend dally needs. San Lorenzo port grew considerably as from 1980 when al the major grain houses began constructing their own elevators/terminals. It has three separate sections, from North to South, San Martin, San Lorenzo and Puerto Borghi.
The three of them are under San Lorenzo Customs and port Administration. The port area stretches for some 16 kilometers, and each port is separated from the others by sections of river banks, neither are the different wharfs or piers adjacent to each other.
San Lorenzo has two principal roads: North and South, each of them has capacity for 6 ships.
It also has an auxiliary road for two ships and a lightering zone for only one operation.

Description of berths:


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