Minera La Alumbrera: Km 457
Private Berth operated by Terminal 6 S.A. with La Alumbrera ship loader and supervision and especially constructed for the loading of mineral ore (copper concentrate) from the recently opened Bajo La Alumbrera mine in Catamarca.
The berth consists of 5 dolphins giving a berthing front of 180m with outlying bow and stern mooring points, length overall 348m. Depth alongside 41 ft.
Deadweight limitations for vessels using berth: unloaded 45.500 ton, loaded 60.000 ton.
The ore arrives at the berth in railway wagons, being transferred to a 36 conveyor belt which feeds a radial ship loader. Loadrate 1250 TPH. Storage space at the terminal 50.000 ton. As for all ports from San Lorenzo / San Martin downwards, vessels proceed via the dredged channel presently maintained by Hidrovia S.A. per contract at not less than 34 ft, wich allows, subject to certain conditions, a draft of 32 ft FW.

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