NIDERA: Km. 451
Owned by Messrs. Nidera S.A. Loading operations commenced on March 1983.
The length of the berth is 150 meters with 4 dolphins, the depth alongside is 39'.
Grain and by-products are loaded at this berth via one conveyor belt, the loading gallery has 4 chutes which also make shifting unnecessary although delivery is by two belts to two chutes at a time at a rate of 600 tons for by-products and 1100 tons for grain per hour.
Generally they operate by one gang in order to avoid stevedors gangs since the loading rate by one or two chutes is the same.
Storage Capacity: 270.000 tons for by-products and/or grain.
There are also 12 tanks for 45.000 tons vegetable oil and delivery can be of 700 tons per hour if same is done direct into tanks and not through the manifolds which generally are of 6".
The same regulation applied to Pasa berth is used here, but adding 5.90 meters during the first quarter 1997.

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