Owned by Messrs. Vicentin S.A. Loading operations commenced in 1987.
The berthing front is provided by 4 dolphins with fenders. The extreme distance between same is 180 meters and depth alongside is 40'.
Grain and by-products are loaded by two loading conveyor belts and 3 loading arms.
The loading rate for grains is 1.400 Mt. per hour and for by-products 1.000 Mt. per hour.
The air draft is 21 meters.
Storage Capacity: 120.000 Mt. for by-products. 174.000 Mt. for grain.
Vegetable oils can also be loaded by 2 pipelines apt for 10" hoses at a rate of about 600 Mt. per hour.
This terminal is also fitted with an unloading installation, which is able to handle bulk sulphur for the nearby Duperial plant.

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