Built by Messrs. Bunge & Born in 1968 and now sold to Messrs. Alfred C. Toepfer Intemational S.A. (A.C.T.l.S.A.). Berthing from 150 meters with 4 dolphins, depth alongside is 38'.
Grain and by-products are loaded via two belts, 45 meters apart , with their own chute each.
While the new one delivers about 900 tons grain and 500 tons by-products per hour, the old one delivers 600 tons grain and 200 tons by-products per hour.
The difference between these two belts/pipes lies on the height of the girder work tower and on the swivel possibilities; the new pipe is 8 meters higher than the other and swivels 180 degrees while the old one only shifts about 1,50 meters to each side, this making shifting necessary.
Storage capacity: 70.000 tons for by-products/grains.
There are tanks for 15.000 tons vegetable oil and 9 lines installed on the girder work tower loading at a rate of 800 tons per hour, and 2.000 MT per hour for grain.
The same regulation applied to Pasa berth is used here, but adding 6.75 meters during the first quarter 1997.

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