Dempa: Km. 448,5
Terminal for grain, by products, vegoil owned by La Plata Cereal, inaugurated in 1952.
Berth: 5 reinforced concrete dolphins length overall 125m with outlying head/stern moorings.
Depth alongside 40ft at datum. Airdraft 22.85m at datum, suitable for vessels of maximum LOA 250m beam 32.5m.
Cargo transferred from silos via conveyor belt to one loading arm fitted with vertical chute located at center of berth. Loading arm has limited movement and vessels required shift up and down berth to load different hatches.
Average loading rate grain 900 TPH. By products 600 TPH.
Storage capacity grain, by products 150.000 Ton. Reception rate 600/700 TPH ex trucks. Adjacent parking for 450 trucks. Terminal connected to railway. Berth fitted with 1x6' and 1x10' vegoil pipelines to oil tanks permitting loading of two types of oil simultaneously. Tank storage capacity 40.000 Ton. Loadrate 600TPH.
Working hours: M/F 06:00/12:00, 12:00/18:00. Sat 06:00/12:00. Remainder overtime.
Bunkering not allowed.

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