Esso Marine Terminal (Km 96.5):
This berth can handle crude and petroleum by products and also petcoke.
Esso refinery has four berths:
Piers C, H, G and E:
Pier C : (intake Nbr. 5) vessels berth on 5 dolphins. It can operate with crude, fuel oil, gas, diesel oil, solvents, naphtas.
Pier H : This berth is equipped to load petcoke from 2 loading towers.
Loading is by one chute at a time, loadrate about 1,300 tph. Depth alogside 45 ft.
Pier E : (intake Nbr. 1) length 129 m, with 2 berthing reinforced concrete dolphins.
Pier G (intake 0) length 10 m.

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