REFISAN: Km. 446.6 to 446.8
Owned by Messrs.Perez Compac S.A., Cia.General de Combustibles S.A. and Pasa Petroquimica S.A.
This plant has three berths, called Number 1 (in the south) , Number 2, (in the center) and Number 3 (in the north).
These berths permit discharging/loading operations of Petroleum products. Inberth 1 and 3 Loa restriction is 250 meters, while in berth 2 it is 110 meters.
The state oil company has a refinery here, and the wharf has 4 berths.
Tanker vessels load refined oil products and discharge crude oil.
Storage capacity : 290.000 CMB of CPP and DPP in 75 tanks.

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