Owned by Messrs. Cargill S.A.C.I.F. Loading operations commenced on May 1982.
The length of the berth is 130 meters with 3 main dolphins with fenders, the depth alongside is 40'.
Grain and by-products are loaded at this berth via one conveyor belt, the loading gallery has three chutes which makes shifting unnecessary although delivery is by one belt at a time at a rate of 700 ton per hour for by-products and 1.100 tons per hour for grain.
Storage capacity: 500.000 tons for by-products/grain and 30.000 MT for vegoil in 17 tanks.
Vegetable oil is loaded (only soyabean oil) through 2 lines apt for 8" lines at a rate of about 800/1000 tons per hour.

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