PASA : Km. 453
Private berth belonging to PASA Petroquimica S.A.
This berth has two dolphins suitable for vessels up to 180 meters LOA.
Loading and discharging are done at a rate of 200 MT per hour.
Total capacity 120.000 MT in 47 tanks.
Depending on the maneuvering for berthing - unberthing operations one or two tugs may be required.
For these operations it should be born in mind that there is a regulation (2093/96) made by the Coast Guard regarding the vesselīs maximum draft permitted which is calculated adding to the level of the river 2,70 meters, this measure is checked every three months.
Those 2.70 meters were calculated on January 1st, 1997. This regulation was made because there is a moving sand bank in the north of this berth. During this first quarter there will be no problem about maximum draft. Note that during low tide, the maximum draft permitted has been around 15 feet.

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