New Port: Km 352
It is a reinforced concrete quay of 537m long. 40m wide and equipped with 6 good dockside luffing cranes, it has 11 grabs of 1-10.5 cbm capacity. There are also 2 mobile cranes, 4 f/l trucks and diesel railway shunting engines.
At the rear of the quay, Servicios Portuarios have built 4 grain silos, which via a series of loading arms and portable conveyor belts can load vessels berthed alongside.
From this port not only grains are exported but petcoke, ferro silicate and steel products as well. On the other hand zinc concentrate, magnesite, billets and steel slabs are imported.
There is a very large open storage space adjacent to the quay used to store both bulk cargoes and containers.

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