Km.107 Parana de las Palmas River Western Bank
General Description.
It is located on the right side of the Parana de las Palmas River.Two private cargo terminals have been established in this port.This port had an annual turnaround of 500,000 mt before Multipuerto Terminal started its activities.The "Zarate-Brazo Largo" bridge spans over the Parana de las Palmas River, joining the continent with the Parana Delta and the Eastern States of Corrientes and Entre Rios.
NOT compulsory,but if port pilot requires one tug, it will depend on vesselīs LOA and weather.
COMPULSORY, Port Pilot to be requested from Campana Station, Parana River pilots from Buenos Aires. Vessels arriving from up river or sailing downriver, usually embark/disembark port pilot passing Campana.
The access route is very deep. Alongside Navipar's berths depths are 30' and 26īt SFW on low tide. Multipuerto has a depth of about 45'SFW. Alongside Government berth, depths are 9'10"and 16'05", at low tide, 5 and 10 berth, respectively.
Description of Berths:

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