Terminal/Berth position: Km. 132,5 Paraná de las Palmas river, right margin.

Berth 1: Length :172 Mts. (11 fenders)/Wide: 15 Mts. / Three entrance supporting up to 3 Tns./Sqm.
Max.LOA allowed: 225 Mts.
Berth 2 : (Floating berth) Length :150 Mts./ Wide: 30 Mts.
Draft at zero local: 36 Ft.
Basin for barges: 200 x 100 Mts., draft: abt 16 Ft., shore crane with disch.rate of abt 400 Tns./h.
Fresh water provisions installations: yes
bunkering: Nil.- (barge or trucks)
Terminal has 288 Hect. to development in this activity
Two sheds (7.500 Sqm. each), with storage capacity of 35000 Tns. each.
Eight silos with storage capacity of 36.000 Tns.
Cargoes usually handled: Grain´s products / vehicles.

P.F.S.O: Mr Miguel Vanelli – opip@deltadock.com

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